Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stanford Partners with EquiFit

Members of the Stanford Equestrian Team with Kandinsky ("Ronny") and EquiFit T-Foam earplugs at the Stanford Red Barn

With the start of the 2012-2013 academic year and with a major campus construction project starting near the Stanford Red Barn in fall 2012, the Stanford Equestrian Team is proud to announce a new partnership with EquiFit, Inc.'s T-Foam equine earplugs. EquiFit, which produces the official horse boots and leg wear of the United States Equestrian Federation, supplies a line of high performance equestrian products to horses and riders worldwide.

EquiFit's T-Foam equine earplugs will play a pivotal role in assuring the safety and comfort of Stanford's horses and riders during the University's upcoming construction of its Replacement Central Energy Facility, which will replace Stanford's existing energy plant and will involve the relocation and renovation of several athletic and community-focused sites near the Stanford Red Barn. These long-term construction projects will affect all Stanford horses, especially the ones that will walk past actively generating machinery and vehicle traffic while traveling from their stalls to the arena for practice each day. The team is thrilled to partner with EquiFit's T-Foam equine earplugs to maintain the well-being of all riders, horses, and community members during the events of the next 18 months.

Sophomore Erin Gray evaluates the look and feel of a pair of earplugs

EquiFit's T-Foam equine earplugs, like all other EquiFit products, are produced with the highest standards of performance and comfort in mind. The T-Foam equine earplugs use the same custom-fit technology that is used in human earplugs, conforming to each horse's ear to create a strong seal that eliminates all distracting noise. Their open cell foam allows air to circulate, preventing build-up of heat and perspiration. They are also heat reactive, softening with the horse's body temperature to maximize comfort.

Stanford riders have noticed a significant difference in how well the team's horses are able to focus and perform while using EquiFit's T-Foam earplugs, both during regular practices and in the show arena. "We have several horses whose ability to bring out their 'A' game already rises exponentially when we ride them with EquiFit earplugs," said team president Rachel Kolb (B.A. '12, M.A. '13). "This will benefit all of us as we undergo such massive construction around our barn this year."

Macey Sanchez (B.A. '14) places a pair of EquiFit earplugs in one of Landor's ("Lenny's") ears

Team horse managers Alex Kennedy and Tori Greenen (both B.A. '15) agreed, saying they appreciate how efficient EquiFit's earplugs are, for both horses and riders. "In the last few years, the team has used sheet cotton or even fluorescent cat toys for our horses instead of proper earplugs!" they said. "Partnering with EquiFit will be a huge improvement, and we're excited to see how this technology will help our horses perform at their best."