Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dressage team a strong contender at Cal Poly SLO

Erica Keenan rides her way to her first intercollegiate dressage blue

Stanford Dressage headed down to San Luis Obispo for the President's Day Weekend to compete at Cal Poly SLO, where the rain magically cleared for two days of competition.

On day one of competition, the Stanford team bested Cal Poly A, Cal Poly B, Davis A, and Davis B to win High Point Team. They were anchored by sophomore Patrick Freeman, who took home his first IDA blue,  and Ariane Tom, who earned second place in her competitive class. Individual riders also shone: sophomore Sarah Crawford earned first place at Introductory level and Nicole Aguirre rode to second place in Upper Training Level.

Stanford Dressage faced more teams on Monday, but consistent rides put the team in a very respectable fourth place at the end of the day. Sarah Crawford and Ariane Tom repeated their one-two finish at Introductory Level, and the team celebrated another first IDA blue ribbon for an individual: this time, junior Erica Keenan put in a lovely test at Lower Training Level to earn first place. Michelle Berry, just back from Italy, rode to a second place finish right behind Erica.

The dressage team is the last of the Stanford equestrian teams still in regular season competition. They travel to Davis in March to wrap up Region U's last show of the season.