Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unmounted Clinics for Mind and Body

Session I with Tonya Johnston, sports psychologist
As the regular season wound down this winter, the Stanford Equestrian Team was able to enjoy some unmounted clinics designed to improve their mental and physical performances going into the post-season.

The team worked with noted sports psychologist Tonya Johnston of Peak Performance Consulting over two classroom sessions focused on developing mental skills specific to the unique demands of IHSA competition. Tonya, an avid equestrienne herself, covered a range of topics including pre-ride routines, energy management, goal setting, team cohesion, and maintaining focus throughout a long day at a horse show.

Stanford Director of Sports Performance Dr. Brandon Marcello also cleared his schedule to talk to the team about proper nutrition habits. Dr. Marcello shared important guidelines regarding pre- and post-workout meals to promote peak performance, gave examples of ideal meals, and imparted general tips and best practices for maintaining a healthy diet conducive to athletic performance.

The Stanford Equestrian Team thanks both Tonya and Dr. Marcello for sharing their time and expertise.